'HK PC', 2015, single channel video projection, dimensions variable.
Video based on 'HK PC' published in Buffet Publication, first edition, April 2015.

‘HK PC’, 2015, is one outcome of a larger research project—tracing the Statue of Liberty from its origins in Ottoman Egypt to its “return to the East”—that to date, has also informed a lecture performance presented in Enfield, NY, USA, and an essay published in an edition of experimental publication Buffet. This first-person essay and video essay explores how changing political discourses impact the circulation and meaning of historic images, and the speed with which public demonstrations are mediatised and historicised. The video’s narrator visits the Hong Kong twice in 2014 and examines versions of the Goddess of Democracy statue (commonly referred to as a reproduction of the Statue of Liberty) amid demonstrations coinciding with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the suppression of the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement, and the “Umbrella Revolution”.

'Untitled', 2014, slideshow and lecture-performance – 20'00'' approx.
Presented at COMPLIMENTA (III), Enfield, NY, USA.

'HK PC', 2015, single channel video – 2'30'' sample of 16'00'' looped. Video viewable here.

This project has been supported through the Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship,
and assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council,
its arts funding and advisory body.